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Testimonials / Reviews

Semicircle of Crystals

"I have had many Reiki and energy sessions throughout my life, but Burma's sessions are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. She has the most loving and gentle energy, I’ve never felt so safe with an energy worker. She is absolutely one of the most giving and genuine people I’ve ever met in my life…and her malas are infused with her one of a kind energy. I’ve purchased about 5 different malas now, 2 for my children, and we all wear them all the time…if I’m not wearing one, I’m carrying one in my purse…I do not want to be without her or her malas. Her soul will leave a mark on yours that you will never forget."

-Lauren C. 


"Never having had a reiki session before, I had no idea what to expect but I went in with an open heart and mind. I suffer from arthritis and grief from past and current family loss and illness. I felt safe and loved during the entire session and was blown away by how much better I felt physically and emotionally afterward. Burma is a gifted Reiki Master who exudes positivity and compassion. I can't wait to go see her again!"

-Marcu Alexander


"An artist in the truest sense of the word. Her spirit shines through in each Mala she creates. If you are fortunate enough to acquire one of these beautiful creations, cherish it for the gift that it is. Whether you appreciate these Malas for their beauty or their spiritual/meditative aspects, your life will be more beautiful and mindful. Truly enchanting!!"

-NHD Regenerative Medicine


"Burma is a gifted Reiki practitioner who brings a level of sacredness to everything she does. Her artwork - and yes, her malas and other jewelry are pieces of art - is crafted with love and care and infused with Reiki. Burma's artwork is one of the very few products I share with my Reiki students in The Peace Room."

-Jenny S.

Buddha Statue

"I’m obsessed with my sea green jasper bracelet! I get compliments everywhere I go. Burma infuses her jewelry with reiki energy so no wonder I get so many compliments and I love the lime green pop on my wrist whenever I look at it!  They make awesome gifts too for people and with the reiki infused into them they are gifts that keep on giving whenever you put them on."

-Kelly Jean B.

"She makes beautiful malas that have great energy! I also got reiki from her and experienced a HUGE release during our session and felt very relaxed. She creates a really safe space to relax and heal, highly recommend her!"

-S. Sage

“The malas and jewelry Burma creates are beautiful and radiate with positive energy. Her reiki sessions are very soothing and relaxing. She has some powerful healing energy!”

-Nikki M.

View of Meditation Garden

"I don’t ever leave reviews, but I had to leave one for Burma! If you’re looking to feel completely at peace, you have to book a session with her! I was weary of reiki because I didn’t really know what it was, but she came highly recommended from a friend - so I decided it can’t hurt! As soon as my husband and I were in her presence we instantly felt at peace (even my nervous system which is rare)! As soon as my kids met her, my daughter (2) ran up to her immediately without any hesitation and gave her a big hug. She was stuck to her the entire time. My daughter NEVER has done that to a complete stranger before - but clearly she also sensed that Burma’s energy was amazing! I never thought I would have ever had an experience so powerful, and I know it was because of the wonderful person Burma is. She embodies peace inside and out and is just a really, really good person. One of those rare people that you don’t come across often! You won’t regret booking a session with her!"

-B. Gonzales

Yoga by the Ocean

"Burma is an extremely talented and kind healer. I'd recommend her Reiki sessions to anyone looking for healing. Come with an open mind and heart. Enjoy!"

-Dylan G.

"I have never experienced Reiki before and I decided to book appointments for my two sons and myself with Burma after our encounter at a winter faire where she was selling her absolutely gorgeous, handmade Malas and bracelets. My friend and I just had to stop at her booth because her breath taking work caught our eye and her booth display stood out against the rest. Being a graphic designer/photographer, I am a very detail oriented person and I can tell she is too by the way she has everything set up, her well thought out displays, her hand outs/marketing material, all the way down to the beautiful packaging she has for her products. You can tell she put a lot of thought and effort into the branding of her company too. She was so professional, informative, kind and welcoming. She took the time to explain the different stones and crystals she uses and even went above and beyond to make my boys custom bracelets right then and there. I ended up buying at least 6 bracelets and something in my gut told me to contact her for a Reiki session, when I learned this was another service she offered. Her energy was just amazing. I reached out to her the next day and she got my two sons in very quickly. Upon arrival she greeted us with such a calm, kind presence and instantly made us feel so welcome. I stayed in the room for both boys sessions and she was so great with them. Thoroughly explaining the process, taking the time to show her oils, crystals and hand motions she will be doing during the session. My boys felt so comfortable and after their session they told me they loved it and want to go back. She even gives you special crystals at the end that hold the Reiki energy from your session. What a special touch! I immediately booked a session for myself after seeing the experience my boys received. She is to be commended on the setting for the Reiki sessions and how she makes you feel throughout the entire session. It's truly a beautiful and tranquil setting around you and she has the gift to make you feel at ease and peace as soon as you enter the room. We leave our sessions feeling at peace and for anyone curious about Reiki and healing in general, I highly recommend a session with Burma. She is experienced in what she does and on top of that, is a wonderful and kind woman."

-Liz Bassey

"Oh my I love my Mala so much. After getting it I went through a very traumatic time. It brought me so much comfort and joy. Thanks you for creating such a amazing tool. "

-Peggy W.

"I went into my first Reiki session with an open mind and absolutely no idea what to expect. Burma explained the basics in laymen’s terms and encouraged me to just relax, let my mind be free, and enjoy the experience. During the session I was overcome with chills as I let go of the bad energy that was weighing me down and warmth as I accepted the good energy I so deserve. Burma is brilliant as her Reiki mastery. Her calm voice and peaceful environment allows clients to maximize their experience. I will be back and highly recommend anyone with hesitation to give Burma a call and schedule your Reiki therapy.

Side note: Burma creates beautiful bracelets and malas."

-Diane D.

"I had an amazing experience with Burma! I’ve tried Reiki in the past but have never felt so refreshed until experiencing it from her. It’s definitely an experience that I hope for everyone to have. She’s also a creative. The Mala she made for me was gorgeous. Thank you for my energy clearing, uplifting experience, and thank you for my Mala!"

-David C. 

"I worked with Burma on a mala blessing for a mama to be. Burma was so helpful, thoughtful and made the whole experience wonderful for everyone. She is so good at what she does and is a gem of a human!"

-Meg L. 

"My wife and I have purchased a number of Malas from Burma. We get so many compliments on them and the energy that Burma puts into her work can be felt with every piece she makes. The two in the picture are the latest that Burma made for me. Thank you so much, we will definitely be buying more and recommending wanderlust to all our friends and family."

-K. Perryman 


"I love these beautiful creations. There is so much love and hope goes into each one and the quality is amazing. Probably the best selection of malas I've seen. Must see vendor at any show!"

-Laura S. 

"Burma is so warm, friendly and so knowledgeable about stones and energy! I took my sweet time finding a Mala and she patiently answered all my questions. I found the perfect one for me and it is so beautiful, I wear it regularly! I highly recommend her malas, they have such a beautiful energy."

-J. Johnson

"I cannot recommend a reiki session with Burma highly enough! It has been a few days since my session, and I still feel deeply grounded and present in a way I haven’t felt for a very long time. I entered my session feeling rather overwhelmed and scattered energetically. Immediately upon meeting Burma I felt at ease. She has an incredibly calming energy and an enormous capacity for holding space. It is evident she cares about the holistic well being of her clients, and goes above and beyond to ensure a safe and comfortable healing experience. I’d absolutely recommend saying “yes” to any opportunity to be in her healing presence! Thank you, Burma!!"

-Jaime M.


"I absolutely LOVE both of my malas. Each bead is Individually hand tied and imbued with love and energy. Burma’s reiki energy is incredibly powerful!!"

-Whitney C.

"Burma's malas are beautifully hand crafted and easy to wear. I wear malas on my wrist as a bracelet and they easily wrap for a perfect fit. I was immediately drawn to my amethyst mala and it serves as an intuitive reminder for me daily to trust myself, love myself and honor the season.

I'm in ❤️"

-Jennifer L.


"Burma has the most beautiful, uplifting energy about her. I came to visit her after an incredibly challenging time in my life, and after just a single session, I felt a clarity and peace that I hadn't felt in a long time. I would highly encourage anyone who is going through a tough time, trying to process through emotional issues, or just needing someone to be present, to reach out to her. She has a kind soul - and I'm very blessed to have met her."

-Sandie R.

"I received a Sea Quartz Mala from Wanderlust. You can feel the magic that is tied into each bead, a sence of calmness that flows over you while wearing the reiki infused jewelry. In the community, you can find the artist making Malas right at her booth where she features a large selection to choose from. I'm so happy with the results. Highly recommend!"

-Gypsy V of Mirror Moonology Tarot.

"My recent Reiki session with Burma was my first, and based on my experience, certainly not my last. Although I’m generally open to new things, I’m also very critical and careful about what I do to my body. Because of this I researched Reiki in advance of my session so that I would better understand the principles behind it and what to expect in terms of the benefits.

To begin, Burma has a wonderful space in which she does her practice. It’s comfortable, relaxing and allows you to get into the proper state of mind before starting. She also takes the time to explain what the session will consist of and gives you options in terms of interaction and your comfort level. With respect to the actual Reiki experience, I was fully awake and conscious the entire time. I experienced a range of sensations from warmth to vibration, even though I wasn’t physically moving or shaking. In my case I preferred not to converse throughout the session, rather to just relax and take in the experience. At the end of the session Burma used chiming sounds to slowly bring me back to reality. She then gave me time to share what I had experienced and offered me water and advice for the rest of the day since everyone’s post Reiki experience can be different. In my case, I was definitely tired, both physically and mentally. The following day, however, I felt absolutely amazing and refreshed. One unexpected outcome was that I immediately recovered from several muscle pulls in my neck and back. These pulls were recent and I’m all too familiar with the time it takes my body to recover, usually 3-4 days of rolling and massage. The day following my Reiki session with Burma I was 90+% recovered from my muscle pulls.

For me, this was an amazing first experience. I am more than convinced that Reiki can work to help heal my body. Although I don’t have any comparable experiences, I believe that Burma had a great deal to do with my positive experience. She’s clearly a gifted Reiki practitioner and is doing what she loves most. I plan to continue sessions with Burma and without hesitation recommend her for anyone who is seeking ways to heal their body."

-David Schultz

"Burma beautifully weaves her gift & skill as a healer through her unique modality of beaded gems stringed together with pure, loving intention. One of her rose quartz malas served as a reliable touchstone to Divine guidance & solace during a difficult transitionary phase in my life. I am grateful."

-Natasha S.

A lotus in a pond

"Burma offers beautiful mala beads and Reiki Energy healing. Her gentle calm approach creates a loving space, but her end of session messages and life guidance wisdom has always been a beautiful bonus....and always much needed."

-Gathering of Lightworkers

"Burma is an incredibly talented healer…distance Reiki with her is oh so much more than I can describe with words. My experiences have been amazing, powerful, and grounding. Burma’s communication before and after every session is always open, loving, compassionate, and right on with where I’ve been at that time. The insights I’ve received through her have been insightful as well as uncannily accurate. I have always felt held within Burma’s loving energy which allowed me to let go and explore myself in ways I wasn’t sure I could access. I highly recommend Reiki with Burma - she is outstanding!!!"

-Laura A.

"Burma is such a loving soul and puts that love into her mala work. I can't stop buying latest is a tigers eye, picture jasper with a copper hematite guru bead. They are so beautiful that I often wear them throughout the day. I rotate which one I meditate with according to the properties of the stone(s). I'm sure I'll buy another one soon.... 💜 Also, she was so kind to help me with a recent surgery as she is a Medical Reiki Practitioner. Her connection to Reiki is so amazing and I can honestly say that was some of the most powerful Reiki I've ever had. Have no doubt, her intention and love is in place with all that she does."

-Brandi W

"I had my first ever Reiki healing session yesterday with @wanderlustmalasandreiki and it was amazing. I truly felt a shift and my body is thanking me for the realignment it so desperately needed.

Burma was so lovely, comforting, and knowledgeable. We had a great conversation after, that rounded out the whole experience. And she game me a bag of crystals afterwards that sat on selenite during my session."


Yellow Flowers

“Burma has an energy about her that seeps out into the world around her leaving

a trail of glitter and peace behind her. She made 3 Malas for me that hold the energy of where I’m at right now in my healing journey and after a short chat with her she understood what I was getting at and made the most glowing malas for me to carry that energy forward with me and to share with

my most beloveds. She and her energy are one that I would trust with my healing journey and with my growth journey. She has the way about her. So much love and gratitude for what she is being to this world. If you are considering energy work or entrusting a sacred project, I would 10/10 recommend Wanderlust”

-Zoë S.


"My experience so far with these mala crystals is one of the most delicious experiences with crystals I've ever had in my life. And I've been working directly with crystals for over two decades. And collecting them since childhood. This energy is so luscious, so yummy, so clean, and so soft, I don't even feel like I need to cleanse them. That's a first! Thank you for this beautiful gift! I highly recommend Burma, her energy is lovely, the space is safe and cozy, and the products are wonderful!"

-Christina Jenkins

"Absolutely love the energy that’s come into my life since I started wearing my Tiger’s Eye Mala. Thank you Burma! The energy is felt and it’s so beautiful as well!"

-Tamilla D.

"Burma makes the most beautiful Malas and bracelets! I have my Mala hanging in my car and touch it every time I need a boost of energy or a moment of calm. I wear my bracelet 24/7. I am so thankful to have met such a sweet soul of a woman!"


"Thank you Burma for a wonderful Reiki experience. The session felt like internal warmth flowing within and soothing my whole body and mind, a sensation that lingered in for hours. My mind became and stayed clearer and relaxed helping me tackle the work I had in front of me with ease and confidence. The office is pleasantly cozy and the Malas she displays adds to the healing aura you sense when you step in. The Malas she offers are beautiful and potent instruments to practice your transcending devotions; so far I have acquired 2 and like to use them to recite 108 Gratitudes . I am definitely coming back to ride in and on Wanderlust Malas & Reiki's cloud."

-Christina M. 

"I purchased a beautiful mala bead necklace from Wanderlust and I just love them! They are such high quality, I'm not worried about the string getting broken easily. I feel CONNECTED to Source when I wear them. I highly recommend the Reiki infused bead jewelry Burma creates."

-Barbara R.

"I received my first mala as a gift from a dear friend who was visiting me, and she also bought one for herself. We wore our malas together and even now that she has left, I feel a deep connection both to her and my mala. I am totally in love with it, I wear it every day. I love how it feels, how it looks on me and I appreciate how pure and beautiful it is."

-Frida R.

"I recently experienced an incredible Reiki session with Burma at Wanderlust Reiki, and I’m genuinely thrilled with the results. Burma’s expertise helped me work through stagnant energy, leaving me feeling rejuvenated and energized. The session was not only relaxing but also had a profound impact on my overall well-being. I highly recommend Wanderlust Reiki for anyone seeking a transformative and revitalizing energy healing experience. She’s a fantastic Healer!"

-Kelly M.

"Amazing and intentionally created malas. Would recommend to anyone that already practices with a mala, or someone trying to get into chanting occasionally or even as a gift! Burma made me a Valentine's day mala with 2 days of notice ! And I think got it done in 1. Absolutely amazing. Have purchased multiple times and will again. Also try the incense!"

-Morgan D.

Healing Stones

"I have had many reiki experiences in my life, and Burma by far and away shines brightly! Everything from her flexibility with making appointments to her energetic qualities and the serene and mindful healing space she provides are of the highest vibration. Highly, highly highly recommend!"

-Marnie D.

"I have 3 of Burma's Reiki infused malas, along with 2 bracelets, and I love them. She has a great selection and they're beaded to perfection. I really enjoy doing my mantras in the morning with them, and then wearing them all day. Everywhere I go someone comes up to me and says "is that one of Burma's Mala's"? I highly recommend Wanderlust Malas."


"To anyone pondering acquiring one of Burma’s Malas, please know they are MAGICAL!!  I have seven of them (so far!).  Each one of these beautiful malas has its own unique vibration.  And each one has been instrumental for my clients in shifting a trauma pattern.  I use them personally in my twice daily mantra practice.  I have malas made by others, but keep returning to Burma’s malas because they each carry an exceptional and distinct frequency.  When you resonate with a mala’s beauty, you know you have found the mala that wants to work with you!!  In-joy!"

-Glenda Bell, Lymphatic Wellness Therapies

"Reiki with Burma is a beautiful, lovely experience...I love stepping into her room where I feel worlds away from the chaos around us. I highly recommend Burma to anyone new or experienced with Reiki, you’ll feel amazing."


Hot spring in the forest

"Before we ever met, I was so lucky to be generously gifted a beautiful mala bracelet from Burma on a Healing Moms retreat. I now have several malas for myself and my daughter. They are infused with her loving, healing reiki energy. They have helped me deepen my mantra meditations, and continue on my spiritual journey. When I first saw her collection I thought I would never be able to make a choice. They are all so beautiful. But I trusted her advice, and the mala I needed at that moment, chose me. 💜 Namaste"

-Clare Carey

"Burma is very kind and very talented!! I'm enjoying several beautiful Mala's she created and looking forward to purchasing more. Thank you Burma for showing up and sharing your giftedness!!"


Sunset in the Woods

"Burma’s malas are magical! I have no less than three of them plus several bracelets. In my experience, you don’t choose a mala, it chooses you - I have several friends who have had a similar experience of putting one on and just feeling different and knowing it’s the one. Every single piece is unique and crafted with love and intention and I really appreciate the simple pricing so that price is never a factor in choosing the right one. I have also bought many bracelets as gifts and it’s so fun to pick out the perfect one for each person. I always try to stop by if I know Wanderlust will be at an event because it’s such an enjoyable shopping experience!"




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