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Burma Naylor

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master

Medical Reiki Master ™

Okuden Reiki II

Shoden Reiki I

Holy Fire® Reiki  II

Holy Fire® Reiki I

Sound Healer


It all started during a reawakening in southern Baja....a story best shared in person!

I truly enjoy mala making as an outlet for creative energy. While hand tying the malas, you'll find me listening mostly to Deval Premal's Gayatri Mantra, where I've discovered the most profound and deepest meditations. 


Inviting Reiki and connecting to this Source allows each mala to be infused with the highest and best intention for each recipient.

As a decades long recipient of Reiki, I've experienced its many benefits first hand. I am honored to offer this healing modality, along with crystal and sound healing, as way to bring more peace and calm and harmony into the lives of others. 

I help people relax. I help you find and feel peace- no matter how far from your current reality that may seem. This is done through intuitive energy work. We'll bring attention to the words you use and the energy you carry. I'm here to help add tools to your toolbox.

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