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Unakite, Rosewood, Rainforest Jasper guru bead

Unakite, Rosewood, Rainforest Jasper guru bead


Unakite helps one recognize repressed emotions, to see where these are held in the body and to facilitate their release. Promotes the physical health of the heart and lungs and the growth of health tissue. Can negate the effects of EMF pollution.


Rosewood is a spiritual and nourishing wood. It is useful when dealing with creativity and knowledge. It also enhances compassion and deep love. Rosewood’s healing properties: increases spirituality, feel deep love, enable self healing and change, increase your connection to the divine, and block unwanted forces.


Rainforest Jasper (also known as Ryolite Jasper) is a powerful stone for working with the Nature spirits and divine beings, and for Earth-healing. It brings hope, renewal, invigoration and energy.





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