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Mahogony Obsidian, Matte Onyx, Copper Hematite guru bead

Mahogony Obsidian, Matte Onyx, Copper Hematite guru bead


Mahagony Obsidian helps one dissolve ancestral patterns of abuse, negativity or fear found in the DNA and emotional body, releasing them into the Light for dissolution and healing. It is supportive, clearing and energizing to the first and second chakras, and assists one in opening and cleansing the grounding channel.


Onyx facilitates centering your energy and aligning it with a higher power, accessing higher guidance. It promotes vigor, steadfastness, and stamina. Onyx can be used to heal old grief, sorrow and physical trauma that are affecting the present life.


Hematite can help with stability, security, providing equilibrium and balance while Copper detoxifies, increases intuition, inner potential and promotes peace to the mind. Both of which are excellent for blood related issues such as poor circulation and anemia.

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