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Coffee Bean Jasper, Copper Hematite guru bead

Coffee Bean Jasper, Copper Hematite guru bead


Coffee Bean Jasper is known to release all the tension and stress from the body, bringing in calming energies. It creates a fantastic aura around the person making them feel happy and pleasant throughout the day. The energies of coffee bean jasper allow its holder to speak out his thoughts and ideas. It improves attentiveness, awareness, analytical abilities and unwraps the energies settled beneath the ill emotions. It makes you emotionally stronger and brings in the feelings of compassion, humbleness, and liberty. It helps you in regaining your normal routine after facing all unpleasant situations. It makes you emotionally consistent and brings in the sense of contentment.


Hematite can help with stability, security, providing equilibrium and balance while Copper detoxifies, increases intuition, inner potential and promotes peace to the mind. Both of which are excellent for blood related issues such as poor circulation and anemia.

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